How many dark type gym leaders are there?

Is there a Gym Leader for every type?

The only regions with Gym Leaders for all three of the starter types are Kanto, Unova and Galar.

How many steel type gym leaders are there?

Famous Steel-type Pokémon Trainers include Jasmine, the sixth Johto Gym Leader; Steven Stone, the Hoenn Champion; Byron, the sixth Gym Leader of Sinnoh; and Wikstrom, a member of the Kalos Pokémon League.

What is the fairy types weakness?

Fairy type Pokemon have just two weaknesses: steel and poison types. Alongside that, are three types that resist fairy attacks, with those being poison, steel, and fire.

What are ghost types weak against?

Type chart, effectiveness and weakness explained in Pokémon Go

Type Strong Against Weak Against
Ghost Ghost, Psychic Normal, Dark
Steel Rock, Ice, Fairy Steel, Fire, Water, Electric
Fire Bug, Steel, Grass, Ice Rock, Fire, Water, Dragon
Water Ground, Rock, Fire Water, Grass, Dragon

What type is weak to steel?

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