Quick Answer: What is the 2nd gym in Pokemon sword?

Your Pokemon Sword And Shield adventure will lead you to Nessa’s Water gym and the second gym in the game.

What level is the 2nd gym in Pokemon sword?

Gym 2: Hulbury

Gym Leader Nessa Goldeen Drednaw
Battle Type Items Level 22 Level 24
Attacks: Water Pulse Whirlpool Horn Attack Agility Attacks: Razor Shell Water Gun Bite Headbutt
Hold Item: No Item Hold Item: No Item

How do you beat Nessa gym?

To solve the Hulbury Gym Challenge waterfall puzzle and reach its boss, Nessa, you have to press the red, yellow, and blue buttons in the correct order. These buttons turn the waterfalls on and off, allowing you to progress.

Can you skip Dewford gym?

2 Answers. With the exception of the first gym, yes you can completely skip Brawly and beat the other gym leaders first, then come back to get his badge so you can get to the E4. You can also skip Winona in the same way, in case you have trouble with her gym.

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