You asked: Why do I shift to one side when I squat?

Have you ever taken a video of yourself squatting and noticed that you tend to shift to one side as you stand up? This is called a hip shift and can occur for several different reasons, such as mobility imbalances, strength deficiencies, and motor control issues.

Why do I lean towards one side when I squat?

There are many reasons why you might be shifting to one side at the bottom of your squat. These include: An ankle or hip mobility limitation on one leg, which will cause you to shift to the non-affected side. One leg is stronger than the other, so you naturally shift to the stronger side.

Why do I rotate when I squat?

Do you notice a twist in the descent portion of your squat? I find this is often due to a difference in side to side mobility of either the hip joint or ankle joint. Max Lang Weightlifting helps promote hip internal rotation.

Why is hip internal rotation important for squat?

They not only move the leg away from the body, they also help rotate the leg at the hip joint. The hip abductors are necessary for staying stable when walking or standing on one leg. Weakness in these muscles can cause pain and interfere with proper movement.

Why is the bar uneven when I squat?

For example, if the rhomboids on one side of the body aren’t working correctly, there will be less retraction or inward movement of the shoulder blade. This will lead to an uneven muscular “shelf” for the barbell to sit on.

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