How do you do a zercher squat?

Why are they called Zercher squats?

The Zercher squat is named after its creator Ed Zercher, a strongman and power lifter from the 1930s. Apparently Zercher’s home gym resembled a junkyard more than a workout area, and was filled with toys such as anvils, wrecking balls and other assorted pieces of machinery.

What weight should a Zercher squat be?

Male Zercher Squat Standards (lb)

BW Beg. Elite
120 60 311
130 70 333
140 80 354
150 89 373

Are Zercher squats worth doing?

The Zercher squat can be an effective squatting variation to help lifters achieve greater levels of depth than they otherwise would doing a back squat. … This is because the Zercher squat is a front-loaded variation that moves the line of force more in line with the knees.

Is zercher squat harder than back squat?

From experience, the Zercher also works great for lifters with longer limbs to hit the quads. For them, the Zercher will in fact be more effective than the back squat to focus on quadriceps development.

Are Zercher deadlifts safe?

Of all the many ways to pick a barbell up off the floor, the zercher deadlift is perhaps the most dangerous, and definitely one of the hardest. It’s a way of making a simple act unnecessarily difficult; kind of like putting a feral cat in the tub before taking a bath.

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