You asked: What gym is after Cerulean?

Item Location
Burn Heal Bottom left of the area you can access through the burgled house

What are the 8 gyms in Kanto?

Kanto Gyms

  • Pewter City Gym.
  • Cerulean City Gym.
  • Vermilion City Gym.
  • Celadon City Gym.
  • Fuchsia City Gym.
  • Saffron City Gym.
  • Cinnabar Island Gym.
  • Viridian City Gym.

What is the order of gyms in let’s go?

Here’s What the Gym Order Is in Pokemon Let’s Go

  • Gym 1 — Pewter City. The first one you will need to make your way through is located in Pewter City and features Brock as the gym leader. …
  • Gym 3 — Vermillion City. …
  • Gym 4 — Celadon City. …
  • Gym 6 — Saffron City. …
  • Gym 7 — Cinnabar Island. …
  • Gym 8 — Viridian City.

What level is Misty’s?

Gym Leader Misty

The Cascade Badge enables you to successfully train and command Pokémon up to Level 30.

Are there more than 8 gyms in Kalos?

There are more than eight Gyms, and thus Gym Leaders, in each region. … Other Badges observed in the anime which do not correspond to known Badges suggest that there are at least nine Gyms in Hoenn, 11 in Sinnoh, 14 in Unova, and 11 in Kalos. 11 Gyms have been shown on-screen in Unova.

Can you catch Pokemon in Misty’s Gym?

The Cerulean Gym (Japanese: ハナダジム Hanada Gym) is the official Gym of Cerulean City. It is based on Water-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Misty. Trainers who defeat her receive the Cascade Badge.

Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow.

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Trainer Pokémon
Jr. Trainer♀ Reward: 380 Goldeen Lv.19 No item

How do you get the cop to move in Cerulean City?

There is much to do in Cerulean City. You will have to battle your Rival, beat a group of trainers, stop Team Rocket from their usual mischievous deeds and of course earn another badge. The way out is blocked by a guard, who will move away after you visit Bill at his house on Route 25.